Ethical trade means achieving decent working conditions for those who produce the goods we purchase. 

TOVA products are made in the city of Darhan, in northern Mongolia, towards the border of Siberia. This is an area with a very high unemployment rate.

TOVA employees have good working conditions, both in summer and in winter. Having a job providing steady income makes a significant difference in a part of the world where winter temperatures can creep below -40 °F (-40˚C). All employees are served hot meals every day. 

We at Tova believe that workers should earn a fair salary, work normal business hours, and receive social security benefits. Wages are adjusted according to the cost of living-- important in a country experiencing high inflation. Because of good, steady employment, children receive a better education and families have greater security. 

By purchasing a TOVA product, YOU help make a difference!

Watch TOVA´s owners, Margunn and Ingar, tell their story in this video.